"Keep company with the wise and you will become wise" (Solomon)

«Secrets of Solomon» is a book easy to read, full of quotations from ancient and contemporary sages: Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Marquês de Maricá, John C. Maxwell, among others. The book was inspired by the Proverbs of Solomon, who is considered by many as the wisest and richest king of all time. After studying the life and work of King Solomon, and the reason for his great wisdom and wealth, the author gives to know the 12 secrets of Solomon to success. These secrets will transform your life as they did with many people throughout History, if you put them into practice. Learn from the wise and you will become one. As a result, you will experience prosperity in all areas of your life.

Comments from Readers

"An incredible book... I will re-read it again and again, to fix the ideas." Marllos S.

"I loved reading the book Secrets of Solomon... is a bedside book." Rogerio A.

"Much of what I teach to my students is written in the book Secrets of Solomon. It is an excellent reading for valuing the good things in life." Marcelino

"I do not have the habit of reading, but your book has awakened me in an inexplicable way!" Paula C.

"It's a book on my list of favorites... brought me an inner peace and a fabulous energy to succeed in life, but this time without haste, and with great humility." Nelson A.

"This wonderful book has created a stunning effect on my life." Nelson J.

"I was charmed with this reading, I confess that I have little wisdom, but after reading this book I feel a better person, or wiser." Luciana F.

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